Chronic pain affects 1 in 5 Australians 


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Consult with Dr Gurbir Kaur, a Specialist Pain Medicine Physician. Dr Kaur has years of experience helping patients achieve healthy and active lives.


Dr Gurbir Kaur


MBBS, DNB (Anaesthesia), FFPMANZCA
Specialist Pain Medicine Physician


Dr Kaur is an Australian trained Pain Specialist who takes a holistic approach to pain management. She believes that by incorporating strategies aimed to improve wellness, while managing ongoing chronic pain and illness, even refractory chronic pain can be successfully managed.


With a detailed understanding of you and your pain type, Dr Kaur will organise a treatment plan, tailored to meet your goals.


With an improved understanding of pain, appropriate use of medications and interventional procedures, even refractory chronic pain can be managed. 


Strategies to enhance neuroplasticity, help re-wire brain and unlearn years of refractory chronic pain.

Your pain is real and your journey is unique.

Knowing your story helps us understand what drives your pain and how we can manage it.

Timely referral from your GP can place you on the path to recovery...

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Metro Pain Group

Dr Kaur consults at Metro Pain Group.
Metro Pain Group are global leaders in the field of pain management. Our team of expert practitioners aim to enhance our patients’ quality of life through the reduction of acute, chronic and complex pain.